"Art From the Streets is a doc about a program in Austin, Texas, that allows homeless people to create art and then sell it in a once-a-year exhibition. Yeah, I know. It sounds like one of those movies we should see because "It'll be good for you." Well, surprise. Layton Blaylock's film is funny, sad, shocking and astoundingly emotional; a home run that puts a human face on homelessness. And don't let anybody tell you art isn't important. It can be a lifeline. And, yes, this movie will be good for you."
-Bill Butler, Kansas City Star

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About the Doc

Art from the Streets is a feature length documentary about a program for homeless artists called Art From the Streets. This all-volunteer program was established in 1991 with the idea of providing a safe and nurturing environment for homeless people to produce art. They accomplish this mission by sponsoring twice weekly art “classes” and an annual show to sell their work.

The film tells this story by tracking five of the artists over the course of a year. Viewers will visit homeless camps, learn the daily challenges of street life, and witness the strengths of human character. You will also experience the 2-day show and sale where the artists’ work is sold and where they interact with people that they rarely have a chance to encounter in such a positive way.

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